Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laissez les bons temps roulez

                       Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!
Today has been an awesome day; I'm pretty pumped. First, I got a job at JCrew for the summer. (YESS!)
           For instance, I could buy these cute wellies with my store discount.
                    Or any of these adorable dresses! Presh!

Not only do I love JCrew, but it also means I don't have to work in food! Waitressing is a great job to have in college, because it's not and easy to work over breaks. But, four years is more than enough. Second, it's Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps roulez! A bunch of us are celebrating downtown, because working the week before spring break? Psssssssssh.

This looks so fun! Wonder why she's so pale? (Not that I can complain, me and Casper are practically related).


  1. Congrats on your job!! Working at J.Crew sounds fabulous!

  2. Love the wellies...what a fun summer job!

  3. your blog is so adorable! love those wellies so much, I have a yellow pair :) I just did a post on my favorite spring lilly dresses you might like :)

    Prepster Royalty

  4. you cant go wrong with lilly at weddings! Its always a fantastic choice :)