Saturday, March 5, 2011

S-A-TUR-DAY Night!

Woo! Party night downtown at the #1 party school in the nation (I said it's be...a Georgia Bulldawg!)
Am I barhopping, enjoying bellinis, and having fun downtown with my sisters?
Well, technically watching Tropic Thunder with froomie MM and working on my resume, but then I couldn't use TaySwift's lovely picture.

After two midterms this week, I decided I needed a chill night. What perfect way to do that than watch people shoot each other?! And who can forget Tom Cruise's sweet dance moves. Forget Risky Business, he's much foxier in this movie.

Speaking of foxy, I met some friggin creepy guys last weekend. Last Saturday, my friend Ashley and I went out to dinner and then decided to go downtown. I hadn't been to this awesome low-key bar and wanted to try it out. So we go inside and it is packed. Everyone and their brother decided to go to the Winery. So much for a chill night.
We make it to the bar and it literally takes 15 minutes to get the bartender's attention. Seriously?!
We finally get our drinks (I had a bellini and Ashley got this awesome peach champagne drink with sour mix...delicious!) and attempted to find a table. We end up standing next to this big group and I see these three guys looking at us. It doesn't seem like a big deal until Ashley goes outside to answer her phone...

Here's the scene: I'm standing there, minding my own business. Doing absolutely nothing. Yet they keep creepily inching toward me. And act like they aren't slowly getting closer to me every time I turn around. As if I don't notice. So, one dude finally comes up and starts talking.

Creeper: Hey, I'm [insert name here]. What's your name?
Me: BWare. My friend's around here somewhere.....(thinking maybe they'll take that as code for leave me alone?)
Creeper: Oh cool. This is "tall guy" and "dark-haired dude" (Might as well have been their names).  He's an Arabic prince (I didn't even care enough to figure out if he was for real...)
BWare: Fun? 
Creeper: Yeah, we're visiting from Tech. Do you go here?
BWare: Yeah.
                   If only I had thought of giving them this face:
                          Thank you, JennaMarbles.

So I felt bad for consistently answering with one word answers, but didn't want to talk to these guys. They were weird. I also didn't want to be the awkward girl standing by herself.  In the end, my not wanting to feel awkward unfortunately won out.
BWare: ....Soooo, what are y'all up to tonight?
Creeper: We're actually going to see our friend play at this bar. It's a Beatles cover band. They're not supposed to go on for awhile, so we're pretty much hanging out.
BWare: Sounds fun.

Finally, Ash comes back and saves me. I figure I'm in the clear, but of course not. They. Keep. Talking.

Creeper: Hey, who's your friend?
BWare: This is Ashley.
Creeper: Hey I'm "creeper".  This guy with the girlfriend is "dark-haired dude" and the guy on the end is "tall guy".

First off, why do I care if you have a girlfriend? I'm not hitting on you. 

Creeper: His real name is Yelvin, but he goes by "tall guy".  He's fluent in Arabic. 
Tall guy: (Something I didn't understand because it was in ARABIC)
Creeper: (Said to "dark-haired dude") What did he say? 
Dark-haired dude: (Looks at us, laughs, looks at "tall guy" and then says this) Oh, I didn't really understand it. He used a weird verb tense (WTF?!?!)

By this point, I'm opening my phone every five seconds. I look at Ash; she's as uncomfortable as I am.
BWare: (Getting ready to leave) Well, have fun at the concert...

Creeper: (At the same time as me) Well hun, we've got to head out. It was nice to meet you!
BWare: Bye.

I don't get it; what is it with guys and pet names?

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